Startups Should Use a Tenant Rep Broker

Startup executives often think they will save time and money if they do something on their own, but that's definitely not the case with leasing commercial real estate.

It wastes time to try to learn the market and find space.
Startups should outsource their real estate search to experts that will save them time and get them a better deal.

It's risky for startups to negotiate with the landlord's broker on their own.
"It's a bit like being involved in a lawsuit where the other side, but not you, is represented by a lawyer, sometimes you can make out okay on your own, but often not."
-Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business, Portman and Steingold, Nolo Press.

Startups should use a tenant rep broker.
A "tenant rep" broker represents the startup as the tenant, and has a fiduciary duty to get them the best deal possible. VentureSite is one of the few brokerage firms specializing in tenant representation.

"The best kind of broker to hire is one who consistently works only for tenants."
-Negotiate the Best Lease for Your Business, Portman and Steingold, Nolo Press.

There is no charge.
Per industry practice, the brokerage fee is paid by the landlord and split between the landlord's broker and the tenant's broker. However, if the startup does not use a broker, the landlord's broker receives the entire amount.

VentureSite saves startups time and money.
Finding the right space and successfully negotiating the most attractive lease terms are complex and time-consuming tasks, full of potential pitfalls. VentureSite saves the startup's time, gets them the best deal, minimizes their risk, and costs them nothing.

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