Transaction Management

We take a strategic, data-driven approach to methodically analyze your space needs and manage the entire selection process to the optimal solution. Our tenant focused transaction management services include:

  • Strategic Planning: We'll develop your strategic real estate plan based on your business goals and forecast
  • Market Surveys: With our detailed market knowledge we'll identify the properties that best match your needs
  • Property Tours: Quick, efficient sampling of prospective properties for maximum benefit
  • Landlord RFPs: Request prospective landlords for aggressive proposals
  • Financial Analysis: Assess each proposal individually, weighing it against the others
  • LOI Negotiation: With offers in hand, we'll continue to drive the negotiating process to a letter of intent
  • Lease Negotiation: And finally, we'll leverage all of this information into a final lease that is optimized to meet your needs

Rent is the 2nd largest fixed expense for most companies, so use the broker the venture capitalists recommend. Contact VentureSite now.

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