Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use a broker?

Finding the right space and successfully negotiating the most attractive lease terms are complex and time-consuming tasks, full of potential pitfalls. A commercial broker saves you time, gets you the best deal, minimizes your risk, and costs you nothing.

What's the difference between a landlord rep and a tenant rep?

The "landlord rep" broker has the listing on the property and represents the landlord. This is the person whose name and number appear on the sign outside an available building. The "tenant rep" broker represents you, the tenant, and has a fudiciary duty to get you the best deal possible.

What does it cost to have a tenant rep help me?

There is no charge to you. Per industry practice, the brokerage fee is paid by the landlord and split between the landlord rep and the tenant rep. However, if you do not use a tenant rep, the landlord rep receives the entire amount.

Should I call the number on a sign outside a building I like?

You certainly can, but keep in mind the broker that answers the call is representing the landlord and has a legal obligation to maximize the rent. Make no mistake, that broker is working for the property owner.

How do I figure out how much space my company needs?

Depending on your intended use and the efficiency of the building’s layout, a general rule of thumb is between 175 – 250 square feet per employee. Example: 50 occupants projected at the end of the lease period x 200 square feet per occupant = roughly a 10,000 square foot rentable area.

How long does it take until move-in?

This varies significantly depending on both the company and the property but a comfortable estimate is somewhere between three to nine months from the start of the search until move-in.

Can VentureSite help me move out of my old space and into the new?

Yes, we offer a complete, turnkey move management service to help ensure your move is on time and trouble free. Our dedicated logistics team will coordinate absolutely everything from the most complex system installation to the smallest detail so your new facility is up and running as quickly as possible.

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