Building Types

Classifications – Commercial buildings are often classified as A, B, or C. Class A buildings are typically the most desirable in terms of location and quality of construction. Since they’re the most attractive they also command the highest rents. Class B buildings are more practical for the average company. They tend to have ordinary to excellent designs but generally lack the prestige of the Class A buildings and therefore are priced lower. Class C describes older, no-frills buildings that offer basic space at a low rate. They tend to have below average maintenance, inferior features and older mechanical/electrical systems.

Office and Flex Space – Commercial properties come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and classes. An “office building” is primarily and often exclusively used for office use, as opposed to other functions like warehousing or manufacturing. A “flex building” is more versatile, having multiple functions in a single building with possibilities including some mix of office, R&D, warehouse, and/or manufacturing space. Flex buildings are sometimes called R&D buildings and they are typically one or two stories. Some are wired for higher power and they often include a large drive-in door.

Incubator and Executive Office Suites – These options provide many of the conveniences found in a large corporate office but are tailored for a small group of people (usually five or less). These fully equipped, ready-to-work offices often have full amenities including kitchen, restrooms, conference rooms, printers, copiers, server rooms, even utilities and janitorial services. However, they tend to become cost prohibitive as a company’s headcount moves somewhere above five employees, which is when our Pay as You Grow™ program becomes the best option.

Industrial Property – Industrial buildings are primarily used for assembling, producing, storing, or distributing product. They often include some office space but this tends to be a small percentage of the overall building and is often used only to support the industrial purpose of the facility. They range from simple warehouses to complex manufacturing plants, such as those used in making solar cells and high-end semiconductors. Unusual power requirements, chemical delivery and abatement systems, clean rooms, etc., are all areas in which we have direct, hands-on experience that will help you meet your goals faster and at a lower cost.

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