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VentureSite is dedicated to relieving high tech companies and the venture capital community of the many time and money wasting burdens of their rapidly evolving real estate needs. Our exclusive market of commercial properties and unique answer to conventional lease inefficiencies combine to deliver a simple, turnkey solution to your complex problem.
A full service but nontraditional tenant representative brokerage firm, we bring a rare blend of real estate and operating company experience. Founded by successful high tech entrepreneurs and commercial real estate professionals, our team brings a distinguished record in raising venture capital, developing technology products, as well as negotiating traditional real estate transactions. Collectively, we have solved the money draining mismatch between the inflexible nature of conventional commercial real estate and the dynamic growth of high tech companies.

Our unique services provide an unprecedented and unparalleled opportunity for technology companies to save time and money while freeing them to focus on growing their business. Whether you need ideal space on flexible terms or want to convert unused, excess space into cash, VentureSite can help you now.
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